Goal Setting: How To Set Your Goals For Success In 2021

Hi loves, have you set your goals for 2021? I hope you’ve all been doing well. As promised I’m here with the post on how to set goals and not just setting goals but how to go about accomplishing them. It’s a new year and everyone is setting goals and I’m sure you’ve set some too. So this post covers how to set your goals for success in 2021.

We all know what goals are, those things that you want to accomplish in various areas of your life, it could be your personal goals, financial goals, academic goals…the list goes on.

A goal is different from a resolution, hope, dreams or mere wish. Goals are more intentional. How many of us make New year resolutions but don’t go through with it? How many of us set goals for the New year and how to achieve them? Goals and resolutions are two different things and while dreams or wishes help form a goal they are not the same thing with a goal. A goal is an intention with plan, it is specific and measurable.

Goal setting is the art of setting clearly defined goals and then working towards achieving those goals everyday. Your goal needs a plan, planning is essential for your goals because it helps you know the necessary activities required to achieve a desired set goal or result. Your goal is a desired result you envision, plan and commit to achieve. So what goals come to mind?


HAVE A VISION: of course you have to have a vision and to have a vision you have to have a destination. What’s the thing you see yourself doing? What’s your vision in life? Where are you headed? What do you aspire to be, what do you imagine to do?

KNOW WHAT GOALS YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE: now that you have a vision, you should know what goals you want to achieve. Do you want to set financial goals so you could manage your spending, save and invest your money? Do you want to set goals for your relationship, for yourself, for your business? Whatever it is, know what goals you want to achieve.

WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS: let your goals be clear and specific, don’t just write I hope to own a car, instead make it measurable and time bound. I want to own a car in the next six months. This makes it measurable by putting a time frame to it. I think we all should have heard of ABC and SMART when it comes to goal setting.

A- Achievable, your goal must be achievable not something nearly impossible
B- Believable, you must believe in your goals that it’s attainable
C- Concrete, it must be tangible and real to you.
S- Specific, you must know exactly what you want and how you want to have it
M- Measurable, how are you going to measure your progress?
A- Attainable, is it a goal you can meet up to?
R- Relatable, do you relate to the goals? Do you have an attachment to it?
T- Time bound- How long will it take to achieve the goal.

This brings us to the types of goals.

Short term goals- This usually ranges from one to two years.
Medium term goals- it ranges from one to five years
Long term goals- from five years to ten.

SET A TIME FRAME: know how long it would take you to accomplish your goals, would it be a month or two? A year? Put a time frame to it, it helps serve as a sort of deadline but hey, no pressure.

BREAK YOUR GOALS DOWN: there’s a grand goal we all want to achieve but we just can’t get there once, we need to climb up the stairs little by little so divide your goals into different parts. Break them down, if it’s a yearly goal, break it down, for every month that will make up the year, know what you want to achieve to build up the main goal. If it’s a monthly goal, break it down to weekly goals. If it’s a week, break it down to daily goals. It’s just easier to do little things than big things after all, the little things make up the big things.

DREAM BIG, START SMALL: we all have big dreams that we want to achieve but we just can’t miraculously find ourselves there, we have to start from somewhere, we have to start small. Gradually, our small dreams would take us to the big dreams.

TACKLE YOUR NEGATIVE THOUGHTS: tackle those voices in your head that tells you that you won’t be able to accomplish the goals, that you are going to stop halfway, that you’re just deceiving yourself. Suppress those thoughts and move from you can’t to you can. I won’t to I will. Have a positive mindset about your goal, be confident in your abilities and know that you can do it.

SCHEDULE THE TIME TO DO: it’s so easy to write down your goals, what’s difficult is actually performing the tasks that brings you closer to your goals. Schedule the time to do. If your goal is to loose weight, schedule the time to go to the gym, have a meal planning, have a list of foods you shouldn’t be eating, schedule the time for your jogs. Make the time to do, if you want to get something, write out the things you need to accomplish the goals, the things you have to do to accomplish the goals and actually do them.

Make sure your goals are truly yours, not what others want you to accomplish but what you want to accomplish for yourself. Memorize your goals, look at them daily, focus on it, share your goals with people that can help you achieve them, plan ahead and most importantly take action. Those goals are not just going to come to reality if you don’t do anything about it and when you finally achieve it, reward yourself for a job well done.

Let me know how you set your goals, what your best goal setting tip is and what area of goal setting do you struggle with the most.

Good luck with accomplishing your goals, I hope you do. Like and comment, I’d love to see your thoughts, follow so you don’t miss an update and share to someone who needs to see this. Have a great day.

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87 replies on “Goal Setting: How To Set Your Goals For Success In 2021”

You’ve explained the topic very well in details. Covering the how and what is needed for achievement. I like the ABC and SMART goals approach.

Since November 2019 I’ve been doing micro monthly goals as subsets to my yearly goal. Each month I set goals an write in my journal reading them regularly within the month. Helps to push you into action and keep the drive alive, crossing them every end month pushing the pending ones to the next month adding to the new goals. Nice post.

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I didn’t know how much I needed this post until I found it. I have always been the queen of procrastinating. I would know I have 100 things I would like to do by a certain time, but I will somehow manage to evade them. I think writing them down and creating a vision board that integrates ABC and SMART is going to give me the kick in the *** that I need! Thank you so much for this post.

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This is a really good blog, and I agree with everything you say here!! I particularly like when you talked about having a vision. That is important, as your goals should align with your vision and values, so identifying your vision and values are really important

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I love this! You broke it all down so clearly it really makes sense! Also the ABC SMART concept is amazing, Id never heard of it before so thank you. I think it’s so easy to have these fleeting goals in our minds & things we say we want but we don’t sit down and properly plan how and when we want to achieve them! I’m going to do this later on tonight now you’ve inspired me!

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Great tips! Having a completely clear idea of what you want to achieve is definitely a crucial one! Also, writing down your goals really does wonders for me. It helps me to better formulate what I actually want to achieve in a certain period of time without focusing on entirely different things.

Thank you for sharing. ❤

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I really enjoyed this helpful post. Loved the ABCSMART acronym. I also love the digital weekly planner and would love something like this. Could you point me in the right direction?


Dream big start small is such a good way to look at it, plus achieving all those little goals is so motivating. I definitley need to work on getting rid of the negative thoughts and believing I can achieve my goals more. Great post, thanks for sharing! 🥰

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Great post, Nianni. If we don’t set goals how will we know where we are going? And I think your tip about starting small is vital – those little success stories help motivate you to move on to slightly bigger goals.

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I love that you give concrete advice. This year I’ve started making more lists so that I do a little bit every day to achieve my goals – they work like a charm.

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Great tips and great post! My biggest problem is I’m too solid and have a tendency to underestimate how long something would take me. So once I go over my “time limit” I have no backup plan and tend to panic. Thank you so much!

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When I started blogging, I totally missed out on setting goals. I just winged it haha but now I have a notebook for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals to keep me on track. I love it more because I can keep track of my progress! Love your post, thank you for the amazing tips!

Grislean |

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The SMART goals are an incredible approach and have never failed me in my life !
I love how you explained that it’s more than just about goals but how important having a vision for yourself and how your goals should be linked to yourself and your beliefs.

Amazing post ! ✨

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Goals are incredibly important to me. I feel as though I have no purpose and no motivation whenever I haven’t set any goals – but actually achieving them is definitely another story haha x

Roni |

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So many great tips here! I always have a million things running through my mind and have found that writing them down, doing like a brain dump first in the morning, really helps me stay organized and focused and on track for my goals

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You put this topic of achieving your goals so well into words! I am a big goal go-getter, so this was very helpful and valuable to me and for anyone else too. I find writing my goals down, seeing them everyday, and knowing my why funnels my success. Thank you so much for sharing!

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Thanks for reading 🤗
I’m happy you find it helpful. Yes writing down goals and going through them really helps me work towards them with my why being my motivating factor. I’m happy you found value in the post💯


These are such great ways to help people achieve their goals! I always find writing them doing and having a time frame helps massively. Otherwise I just keep putting it off. Like you mention, I think my biggest tip would be to start with small achievable goals that then work towards a bigger goal. Setting huge goals only decreases morale when you find you (obviously) cannot achieve it because it’s so big. Thanks for the tips!!


Amazing post! You have included so much valuable information for setting goals. Being specific and setting goals that are time bound is where I have failed in the past. This year I am avoiding that. I also find breaking my goals down to more manageable actions, has helped me accomplish so much more. Thanks for sharing!

Liked by 1 person

Thanks for reading, it’s nice that you’ve taken note of the areas you’ve failed in the past and how you can correct that. Good luck with your goals. ❤️


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