Hey loves, how has the week been so far, I hope everyone is doing well. We all know there’s power in our words and we become what we think, do and say. So what thoughts do you usually have of yourself? What words do you usually say to yourself? If you keep on saying negative things to yourself or thinking negative thoughts sooner or later you’d start feeling bad about yourself and doubting your abilities and if you think and say positive things to yourself you’d see them manifesting and you’d start to feel good about yourself and who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves? There is power in positive words and we all need to say them to ourselves.

I know it’s so easy for us to get caught up with our situation, to be anxious and hopeless and feel like there’s nothing good happening to us. I know we all get carried away with what we’re going through and sometimes we don’t see anything good but just dwell on the past. Last week I was in this hole, I felt so hopeless and anxious about my future, about how life was going to be after the pandemic and it really stressed me out and made me start seeing all the negative effects of the pandemic and the possible aftermath. Has anyone felt like this lately?

So you all know how I’m always like kill the negative thoughts with the positive thoughts right? That’s exactly what I did, I know some people think having affirmations is quite silly but it helps. Saying positive things to yourself and thinking positive thoughts really helps to change your mindset and mood. Really, having negative thoughts is a really big vibe killer, it just drains you of your energy, motivation and happiness.

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you overcome negative thoughts. They are powerful statements that can help you change your mindset and are more effective when you pair them with positive thinking and action. Affirmations help reprogram our thinking pattern and moves it from a bad place to a good place.
Having and using affirmations can help you change your thinking, how you view yourself and how you see the world.


KNOW WHAT YOU WANT: to write an affirmation you need to know what you want. Knowing what you want makes it easy for you to write them down. Have a clear vision of what you want and write it down.

THINK ABOUT AREAS IN YOUR LIFE YOU WANT TO CHANGE: think about the things you want to do differently, what area of your life does it fall under? Do you want to change how you view your business, your finances, your relationship? Think about the areas of your life you want to change and write down your affirmations under those areas.

MAKE IT PERSONAL: Make your affirmations personal to you. Make use of I am or my when starting your affirmation statement. “I attract opportunities.”, “I am healthy.” “My life is amazing.”

WRITE IT IN PRESENT TENSE: write your affirmations as if it’s happening now, write it in present tense not future or past tense. Instead of saying “I am going to be happy” say “I am happy.” There’s a big difference in the two, the first has not been accomplished but the second is in the moment. Do not write something like “I need to have a car.” Try to eradicate want and need in your statement and write it as “I am going to have a car.”

MAKE IT SHORT AND SPECIFIC: let your affirmation be something you can easily remember, make it short and specific. You don’t want to write something you wouldn’t remember because it’s too long, make it short and straight to the point. For example “I am loved and lovable.”

TURN NEGATIVE TO POSITIVE: let’s go over the things you think or say to yourself that are not nice. What comes to mind? Make a list of all the things you find yourself saying or thinking about yourself and write something positive. If you think you are ugly write an affirmation of you being beautiful, if you think you are weak tell yourself that you are strong. Doing this would cause a mindset shift that will help you in the long run.

BELIEVE IN YOUR AFFIRMATIONS: know that your affirmation is true, believe in it. Believe that you are saying the truth and not lying to yourself. I know it will be hard to believe in your affirmation sometimes but seriously you have to. When you believe in it, you have a conviction that it’s true.

DO NOT ADD NEGATIVE WORDS: do not add negative words or statement to your affirmations, you want it to be as positive as possible. Do not write “I am not ugly.” Instead write that you are beautiful, make sure you don’t add negative words or statement to them.

LET IT BE FOR YOU: let your affirmations be influenced by you, for you. Choose what works for you. Let it be something you can relate to.

SPEAK IT: speak the words into existence. Speak what you want, say it with confidence and enthusiasm. Believe it when you say it, repeat it to yourself consistently. You can say it in the mornings, night, when you are feeling down, after your meditation or whatever works for you. Say it like you mean it.

ADD EMOTIONS: speak it with feelings, don’t just say it dryly, say it boldly, speak it with confidence, as if you’ve achieved it or you’re feeling that emotion at that point in time.

The power of affirmations lies in repeating it to yourself regularly, once you start doing this you would discover a positive change in your mindset and life. Your affirmations would definitely help you to overcome your negative thoughts and self sabotaging and limiting beliefs so don’t forget to say them regularly with emotions.

My next post is going to be a list of affirmations for different areas of your life, to read that follow so you don’t miss an update, like and comment if this post has helped you in anyway.

Comment below how you set your affirmations, how you say them, when you say them and your favourite affirmations.
Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.

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Awesome write up!
I find it really helpful… We all need to think positively, and speak the same wayπŸ’ͺ🏽
Sometimes we unconsciously are the bully’s of our own confidence.
Why spent time being sad when you could just be positive, Sadness and emotional weakness comes with a lot of β€œit’s not possible, it is over” but with the application of this post, life gets a lot better.
Thank You So Much for this!!!
So we all know that if words control you, people can!
Be in control ( The power of positive words ❀️ )

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Great tips! Generally I am a pretty positive person, but I love how you’re encouraging to write affirmations in the present tense. I feel like this is something I can definitely improve because I feel like mine are looking towards the future rather than focusing on the now. Thanks for sharing!

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What an absolutely wonderful post! I used to think things like positive affirmations and gratitude journals were just fluffy things that didn’t actually do anything…but since incorporating both into my life (along with meditation), my attitude has improved ten-fold. Right now my motivating affirmation is “All your hard work will pay off.” I feel so inspired every time I say it! Thank you for this guide, I’ll definitely use it with future affirmations.

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Thanks for reading πŸ€—
Affirmations really work especially when you put your mind to it and I like your affirmation, I’m so glad you found the post helpful


Great tips, Nianni. There is far too much negativity in the world these days, perpetuated by the media who seem to think that we like it! Some positive words would be a welcome change πŸ™‚
Do you change your affirmations periodically or keep the same ones all the time?


Such an awesome write! I love affirmations and I write them daily. It truly helps to set the right mood for the day or to end your night on a positive note

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Nianni I completely feel you on worrying about life post COVID…I’ve been super stressed about that recently too! I love this activity though – I’m actually going to give it a go and pop it on my memo board xx


These are some amazing tips! Positive affirmations have worked wonders for my mindset. I’ve started practicing them after reading the book ”The Secret”. It really helped me a lot with developing a more positive mindset and making my life so much easier. πŸ™‚ The tips you’ve given are so similar to the ones in the book. You did a great job! Congrats! ❀

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Yay! I absolutely love affirmations and this is such a great post to break it down and see how it works. Wonderful job! Thank you so much

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There is power in positive words and I try (and mostly succeed!) to be the positive voice in my own life. There are enough critics – we should be kind to ourselves.

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This is so great and empowering! The power of words and writing them down. I usually am good to say positive affirmations to myself every morning but I never thought to actually write them down. I will begin doing this. And I have been there with you where I feel so hopeless and sad. I let myself think those negative thoughts, then i let them pass out of my head and tell myself positive things which usually keeps me going. Thank you for the tips my friend xxx


Nice. Writing them down and saying them is really good. Saying positive things to ourselves when we are feeling down also helps. I’m glad that the post reasonate with you. Thanks for reading πŸ€—


[…] I know you’ve probably had a busy week or even a busy day and found yourself stressed out. When next that happens you can pop these affirmations like a pill and they will be sure to drive the stress away. You must have known by now that I love affirmations and have affirmations to follow up most of my posts and this is not exempted. Affirmations are a real game changer, you should try them if you aren’t already. If you are still not convinced check outthe power of positive words: affirmations […]

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