Hey loves, how has everyone been? I hope we’ve not been too stressed out lately. Today’s post is quite simple and short, I just wanted to share some affirmations on anxiety that can help you stop over thinking. So if you’ve found yourself over thinking lately you should pop up this affirmation from time to time.

Check out my previous post on how to stop over thinking here. For a guide on how to write your affirmation statement and the benefits of saying affirmation click here


1. I can make it through this.

2. I can conquer every obstacle facing me.

3. I am in control of my thoughts.

4. I inhale relaxation, I exhale tension.

5. I am free from stress and anxiety.

6. I am in charge of my life and mind.

7. Everything is working out for my good.

8. I have peace of mind.

9. I am strong, this will not break me.

10. I will let go of what I can’t control and work on what I can.

11. I can do this.

12. I am going to survive this.

13. I am in the process of positive change.

14. The past is over, I live in the present.

15. All is well in my world.

16. I am healing.

17. My mind is free from destructive thoughts.

18. I am joyful and have peace of mind.

19. I am capable of making the right decisions.

20. There’s no need to worry, God has me.

So there you have it, my twenty positive affirmations for anxiety. My favourite is number twenty. I know sometimes we get carried away with our thoughts and over think about the things that we can control and worse, the things we have no control of but telling myself God has my back just makes me feel better. Think about it, has he ever failed you? He has never failed and He won’t start now so don’t worry. God has you, he wouldn’t leave you or forsake you, there’s no need to fear or worry.

Tell me, what’s your favourite affirmation for anxiety? Check out my instagram for the quotes on anxiety here

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Thanks for reading, I hope you heal from everything you are struggling with. Have a great weekend. πŸ€—

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I love affirmations. They can be such a powerful way to take control of your thinking & slowly steer your life in the direction you want to go. They can be incredibly calming & meditative too. Thank you for sharing.

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I laughed because most of these I remind myself when I am in the middle of working out. Your list is filled with wonderful and empowering reminders though. Well done. My favorite is – I can do this! I follow this with reminding myself how I have survived similar stuff in the past and if I was okay then, I will be okay now.


Thank you. I can do this is a big confidence booster and can be used to motivate ourselves to do something. Yes, no matter What’s happening, if we’ve survived it before, we can survive it again and we’ll be okay. πŸ’―


This is a lovely post! I love this one especially: I am strong, this will not break me. Some of my favourite affirmations are: “I am enough” and “This bad thing shall pass”. The latter really helps me deal with any sad events in my life.

Taiwo xx


I’ve never really ever used affirmations before but I’ve been seeing a lot of info about them and think I really need to give them a go as I have some very negative self-talk at the moment (life is being so stressful at the moment) that I need to get out of the habit of doing. Thanks for sharing!


Yes, life is really stressful at the moment and saying affirmations from time to time can make you relax a bit. You should definitely try using affirmations, check out my post on how to write your affirmations so you can write something you can relate to. Thanks for reading. πŸ˜ƒ


I am a chronic worrier of small things. I have trouble with the points #3, 10, and 14. I am realising that I need to master these points to make the others have a better effect. Loved these affirmations. Thanks for the post.

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Thank you for this, very helpful. I think it’s good to have a set amount of affirmations and maybe sometimes add new ones, take out some you don’t feel as connected etc. Embrace the process for sure.


Some really amazing affirmations that are really inspiring! I have been using affirmations a lot more recently and they help so much. I especially like ‘I will let go of what I can’t control and focus on what I can’. Thanks so much for sharing x

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