Hey loves, since we’ve been talking about goal setting this week I decided to drop these affirmations on goal setting that can serve as a motivation for you to achieve your goals.

I know how easy it is to set and plan goals and not do anything about it. So these affirmations will definitely motivate you to set yourself up for success.

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1. I can achieve anything I want.

2. I believe in myself and my abilities.

3. I am motivated to succeed.

4. I have the strength to carry out my goals.

5. I have what it takes to reach my goals.

6. I am fully committed to making my goals a reality.

7. As long as I take action. I can do it.

8. I can do this, I’ve got this.

9. I will accomplish all my set goals.

10. Day by day I am a step closer to achieving my goals.

11. I am committed to getting to where I need to be.

12. I am highly productive.

13. I am focused and determined to achieve my goals.

14. I am passionately driven to succeed.

15. I am energized and motivated to get more done.

16. I have what it takes to get what I want.

17. I complete all my set goals and task.

18. I release negativity and focus on productivity and positivity.

19. Everything that I want is within my reach.

20. Success is in my future.

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So there you have it. Twenty goal setting affirmations to help you stay motivated, productive and achieve success.

For more of these affirmations check out my Twitter and Instagram for quotes on affirmations and positivity.

Follow my blog, like , share to friends and family, comment what your favourite goal setting affirmation is on the list and share yours.

Do have a great weekend β™₯️

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Thanks for this, Nianni! I actually talked about goal-tracking on one of my posts as well. It’s always a good attitude to be more positive and have more confidence in yourself. Let’s hope that those who read this will not only say and do it, but also do what actually needs to be done to reach their goals. Much love. πŸ’•


Great post have added some of these to my list. Ive been using “I believe in myself and my abilities” for a couple if months now and its have really helped change my mindset. Thanks for sharing

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I’m happy you find them inspiring and love the post. Setting and achieving goals are really important and these affirmations can serve as a way to motivate you to achieve them.


I recently just got some affirmations that I made as my wallpaper so when I see them I just say others. Plus i follow accounts on IG that posts affirmation statements and just go through them. Other times I just say them when I’m feeling down or really excited about something.


These are really helpful, empowering quotes! It’s important to support yourself when trying to work towards your goals, otherwise we tend to lose motivation and even forget why we’re working towards them in the first place. Thank you for sharing these, they’re lovely πŸ’—

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Thanks. I’m glad you find them helpful. Yeah, it’s important that we motivate ourselves even when we loose track of our goals and have no motivation. Thanks for reading.β™₯️


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