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How To Stay Motivated And Focused On Your Goals Even When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

Hey loves, happy weekend. I’m here with another blog post and this time it’s on how to motivate yourself to achieve your goals even when you don’t feel like doing anything. Who else has had goals that they want to get accomplished but don’t feel like working towards them? I know I have. It’s so easy to set goals, the real work is working towards it and to be honest you won’t always feel like working towards it, some days you might just want to sleep, catch up on the latest news, watch your favourite series or do anything rather than working towards the goals you set. I get the feeling because I’ve been in that situation lately and I want to share these fifteen tips that has helped me stay motivated and work towards my goals even when I didn’t feel like it and I know it can work for you too. I know everyone wants to stay motivated to achieve their goals so keep on reading to get rid of not feeling motivated once and for all.

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Why You Don’t Feel Like Working Towards Your Goals

Like I said, you won’t always feel motivated to work towards your goals and this may be because you are tired, lazy, you’re not in the right state of mind to get things done, you are limiting yourself, you feel like you have enough time to work towards them, you procrastinate too much and the list of excuses goes on. I believe I’ve fallen into everything I’ve listed at one point and that’s okay. The fact that you are reading this post means you want to get out of it.

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The Ultimate Things To Do To Stay Motivated

1. Set Goals You Want To Achieve:

I believe in setting goals or at the very least a to do list of things you want to get done. The very fact that you need to get something done should motivate you in a way to actually get it done.

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2. Know Your Why

What is the reason why you are trying to accomplish that goal? Why do you need to accomplish those goals? There are obviously things you need to get done that you really want to get done. Knowing your why can be a driving force to move you in the direction of working towards your goals.

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3. Make Sure Your Goals Are Yours And They Interest You

How many of us feels motivated to do something we have no interest in especially if it’s something we don’t want to be doing? My hands are raised up high. Sincerely if something doesn’t interest me I wouldn’t bother myself with it. It’s easier to do something you like doing than something that you despise. And I have an example relating to making sure your goals are yours. For instance, if I want to loose weight and I totally hate exercising it will be hard for me to achieve the goal of me loosing weight because exercising isn’t something I’m interested in but then if I know the reason why I need to loose weight and the goal to loose weight was purely my idea and not someone telling me to, I’ll most likely still do it because the goal is for me and I know why I want to loose weight. So make sure your goals are yours and it’s something you are interested in at least.

4. Start Small

I just remembered my 6,000 words assignment. Obviously the goal to complete it looked really big to me but just by starting small I was able to accomplish it. I couldn’t have possibly typed 6,000 words in a day or at a stretch, the thought alone scares me but by actually starting somewhere and breaking them down it was easy for me to do them. Instead of thinking that I had 6,000 words to type, breaking it down into 500 or 1,000 words a day made it easier for me to actually start doing them without any pressure so just start small, you don’t have to finish the whole thing at once.

5. Visualize the result

Visualizing the result can also motivate you to achieve your goals. What’s your end goal? How will you feel when you achieve it. For me, my end goal was to finish writing and typing the 6,000 words and the result for me was that I would be free from the whole stress and pressure that came with it. So answer this, what’s your end goal and how will you feel accomplishing it?

6. Clear Your Thoughts

Let go of every limiting beliefs that you have concerning that goals because if you don’t let go of it, it will always come back to haunt you. Let go of those thoughts that you can’t accomplish it, that you won’t meet your set time, that you will fail at it. Let those thoughts disappear, take a vacuum cleaner and blow those thoughts away.

7. Seek Motivation

You won’t always feel motivated, those times that you don’t have the inspiration to write or motivation to get things done, seek motivation. I myself was motivated by this post from a friend here so definitely check out his content because you’ll find it inspiring, especially if you are a creative. Before that I wasn’t really feeling inspired to post and didn’t know what to write about so that’s why I didn’t post on Wednesday, (so sorry about that) but I did share a friend’s post on self growth in case you missed it. So times when you don’t feel motivated to do something seek motivation. It could be from a friend, a family member, book, video, Instagram posts. If you are not following me on Instagram you are missing a lot so stop by to check it out and follow. I can’t stress following accounts that motivates you or subscribing or following a blog post or YouTube video that will be of help to you because you never know when you will need it.

8. Have Your Big Picture In Mind

What’s the ultimate thing you want to derive from accomplishing your set goals? Always keep your big picture in mind. It could be the house you want to live in, the vacation you want to go on, the money you want to be earning, anything. Your big picture can serve as a big motivation to you. Never forget why you started.

9. Be Positive And Seek Out Positivity

You need to have a positive mindset towards achieving your goals, you have to believe that you can actually achieve your set goals because if you don’t you most likely wouldn’t achieve it. Do not engage in negative self talk instead utilize the The Power Of Positive Affirmations and check out these Affirmations That Will Motivate You To Achieve Your Goals. Surround yourself with positivity and never negativity.

10. Get Rid Of Distractions

I know how easily it is to get distracted so you might want to get rid of all distractions. If it is your phone switch it off, put it on airplane mode so none of those calls come through ( I just made a reference to Cardi’s line in I do) turn off your WiFi or data if you have to (this is something I did to write this post because God knows the way I’d have been distracted.) So take note of things that easily distract you and get rid of them till the time that you will actually get to do the things you want to do.

11. Be Consistent

The little things you keep on doing will get you results later on. So keep on working on your goals no matter the small steps you are taking, from taking small steps you eventually get to taking big steps so take it one step at a time and be consistent with whatever you are doing because that’s how you’ll learn and grow.

12. Plot Your Progress

Review your goals from time to time. See how far you’ve come from where you started from and believe me it will motivate you to keep on going. Some days when I don’t feel like doing anything I check out my progress and it often moves me to get things done so definitely try doing that.

13. Have a Support System

I think I mentioned this earlier, have a support system that will motivate you to achieve your goals. It could be your friend, family, partner or anybody that buys the idea of your goal, why you need to accomplish them and simply motivates you to achieve them. Your support system can render assistance to you emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially or whatever means is suitable for you.

14. Reward Yourself

Part of the reason why I’m not motivated to do some things is because part of my reward for accomplishing those goals was to take time to breathe and relax and not take on things that will stress me too much and I wanted to get some things which I’ve gotten now. So reward yourself with whatever you want. Get that sneakers or heels that you want, take that vacation, buy that outfit, treat yourself to dinner, get your hair and nails done. Your reward has to be something you really want so you can motivate yourself to achieve your goals in hope of getting yourself that thing you really desire. Just close your eyes and imagine what your reward will be, how you will feel getting your reward now go and work towards those goals so you can get them.

15. Breathe

Don’t be so hard on yourself. In as much as you want to achieve those goals, don’t stress yourself too much, don’t overwhelm yourself with too much work. Don’t bite off more than you can chew it won’t benefit you. So take things one step at a time, don’t rush.

If you work inspiration will come. If you wait, inspiration will wait too.

James Clear

That was one of the quotes I got from my friend’s carousel post that motivated me to write this post. While I was waiting for inspiration, inspiration was waiting for me to but when I chose to work the words just flowed so just start and crush those goals. I know you can do it, I’m rooting for you. 💪

Now you can have your goals accomplished and stay motivated to accomplish them by implementing and not just reading this post. Also stop procrastinating, if you don’t stop now you’ll probably regret it later.

Thank you so much for reading, I actually enjoyed writing this post and I hope you enjoyed it too and find it useful. Don’t forget to share on your social media platforms to your followers, friends and families that will be interested in this and you know will benefit from it so tap those share button below and share on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Follow me on those social media platforms too by clicking on the link.

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Let me know by commenting which tip stood out the most for you, the ones you use and the ones you will try using.

Did I mention today is my mum’s birthday? I’m off to eat jollof rice and cake. See you in my next post and have a great weekend.

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87 replies on “How To Stay Motivated And Focused On Your Goals Even When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything”

Great Post @niannilifestyleblog
This was all the motivation I needed for today.
I’m glad it helped me motivate another person today 🥰
Thank you a lot!
We all need to take goad settings very seriously!

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These are great tips to stay motivated. I always have to trick myself into getting things done. Make it a game or have a reward system. Lol

Liked by 1 person

I agree rewarding yourself is important too, and even to those little goals that you’ve set, doing those will keep you encouraged yowards achieving your goal. 😊 Happy birthday to your mom!!! 💕 grea post, Nianni. 🌻

Liked by 1 person

Thank you 😊
Staying motivated can be hard sometimes and I agree with you that it can be hard to see what you’re working towards and that makes us less motivated to work towards it and that’s why visualizing it helps.


Great tips! I’ve noticed I don’t get anything done when I’m with my boyfriend (we’ve only been dating for couple months) even if I sit at my laptop. My focus is not there because it’s mainly on him 😀 But I figured that it’s okay to be “offline” for couple days every now and then. I live abroad so I’ve got plenty of space and time to focus on my work when I’m back home.

Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

Liked by 1 person

I am so guilty of lacking motivation at times! I completely agree with writing lists, if it’s written down I’m more likely to do it. I love the idea of starting small and working your way up, rather than going straight in at the deep end, this definitely helps motivation!

Liked by 1 person

This was so helpful! I believe the starting small tip is huge. Sometimes I dread writing a post with a word count of 3,000 words but then when I brain storm and outline and work on the easiest part first, it all seems to come together and not be as daunting as the original thought was. I also like the idea of rewarding myself, which I haven’t been doing and I think that is one of the reasons why I do not care as much.

Liked by 1 person

I’m glad you found it so helpful. Yeah, starting small helps a lot. If you’re looking at how big the task is you probably wouldn’t get it done fast except if you break them down. You should definitely try rewarding yourself sometime.🤗
Thanks for reading 💯


I often think that tracking your progress and rewarding yourself can be two of the most helpful things when trying to achieve a goal! It’s important to note how far you’ve come, and tell yourself what a good job you’ve done! I love this article – it motivated me!


So many great tips here! For me, I really have to write out my goals and plans in order to stick to something and stay motivated. It helps me to visualize it and have a clear idea of where I’m headed 🙂

Liked by 1 person

Finding motivation is something I truly struggle with so these tips will honestly me on days when I am not feeling up to committing to my daily plans or goals.

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Yes, having a support system is really nice. Having people that pushes you to do better is a really good thing and can motivate you to get things done more. Thanks for reading. I’m glad it motivated you. 🤗


Just came across your blog from Twitter and so glad I decided to give this post a read. It’s something I’ve struggled with a lot feeling motivated and just drowning with negative thoughts. This was a good read and clear set points for how to help with motivation levels, I think I need to start setting goals and having a why, can’t wait to read more of your blog.

Liked by 1 person

Yesssss especially love the tip to “find motivation”. I think a lot of people use social media for negative things, but it’s become such a treasure trove of motivation and inspiration. I’ve carefully curated my social media feeds to give me just that. That’s how I stay on track. I actually recently wrote about my 5 steps that i take each day and one of them is “vision casting”, which is looking at my goals and imagining they are a reality. I think it’s so important to stay motivated every day to at least look at your goals and remember what they are… Unconsciously we move toward them when they are in our minds.

Liked by 1 person

Yes we move towards our goals when they are in our mind. Yeah, I’ve also curated my feed to give me motivation and inspiration and it really helps. I like the idea of looking at your goals and imagining them in reality, that’s a really good thing to do. Nice one.


This is such a wonderfully written post, very straight to the point and informative! It is important to figure out your why and just face the lack of motivation and tackle it with such a positive mindset! These tips could help anyone get out of a funk.

Liked by 1 person

Great post! Totally agree with this list – you’ve put together some great ways to get motivated and get things done. The why is totally so important! And positivity – I’m all about surrounding yourself in positivity – for everything, always haha.
Carrie xx


Hello Nianni, how are you doing?

This article was totally inspirational. After writing this comment I’m going to plot my progress on my goals. I think that’s where the gap usually is in my goal setting. I forget to track my progress and only want to tick when the goal is done.

Happy Belated Birthday to your mother and what is jollof rice?

Liked by 1 person

Hi Avuma, I’m fine and you?

I’m glad you found it inspiring. I hope you really plot your progress on your goals and you should try reviewing them from time to time.

Thank you. Jollof rice is a dish mostly eaten in West Africa. It’s just rice but fried together with stew. I don’t know if you understand but you can Google it. It’s really delicious.

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