Daily Positive Affirmations For The New Month

Hey loves, welcome to the new month. I hope you get everything you want and more. So for today’s post I will be sharing daily affirmations for the new month.

I really hope this month goes well for you. Cast away your stress and anxiety and try as much as possible to do things that makes you happy. Work towards your goals, focus on your growth. You can do all you want to do for the month, all your goals are attainable.

  • Each day I am a better version of myself.
  • I love myself and I allow others to love me.
  • All my goals for the month are attainable.
  • I am happy with my life.
  • I am grateful for all I have.
  • New opportunities are coming my way.
  • My focus is on God, my goals and growth.
  • My gifts and talents will make room for me.
  • I am blessed and highly favoured.
  • I am surrounded by positivity.
  • I will succeed everyday and every week.
  • My mind and body are healthy.
  • I enjoy the little things around me.
  • I create happiness.
  • Good things are happening to me.
  • I am going to get everything I want in this month.
  • Everything around me is working for my good.
  • My business is prospering.
  • I am healthy and have a sound mind.
  • All things are working out for my good.

There you have it, twenty daily affirmations for the rest of the month. Say your affirmations daily with a convinction and soon you will see them manifesting if they aren’t already.Have a great month and live, love and enjoy your life.In case you missed my previous post. Check it out for things to do at the beginning of the month to be more productive and organized.

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61 replies on “Daily Positive Affirmations For The New Month”

Happy new month! This post is great for me, my mindset and my goals for this month. If things, for me, start on a positive note, I always smash my goals for the month! I’ve copied a few of these and added them as reminders to my phone to pop up when I least expect them!



Affirmations are a great way to remind us that we are enough and wonderful. Thanks for the great list. I’d love to share the link to list in one of my post about healthy lifestyle. 😊

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I definitely needed your affirmations about all of my goals being attainable. Even with my smallest goals, it seems like there is never enough time to finish with all of life’s distractions. Going to repeat this to myself throughout the day.

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Love these affirmations. I’m really getting into saying affirmations put I have to put them to come up as a reminder in my phone as I’m bad at remembering to say them throughout the day. Especially love – All things are working out for my good. Thank you for sharing

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