10 Simple, Strategic Things You Should Do To Build Good Habits That Sticks

Hey loves, how is the month going for you? Today’s post is on how to cultivate good habits and stick to them. It’s a new year and I know many of us wants to do away with bad habits and develop new good habits and this post will definitely help you out so continue reading.

We all have one form of bad habit or another, mine is biting my nails when I’m bored or just lost in thoughts, it’s not something I do often now but for the longest time it has always been a bad habit and my mum always beat my hands out of my mouth when she catches me so I quickly learnt to do away with it.

What’s one habit that you will love to drop this year?

What Is Habit?

Speaking of habits, habit is an action performed repeatedly and automatically, usually without awareness. You form your habits by doing something continuously until it becomes automatic.

How To Develop Good Habits

I know most of us see developing or breaking habits to be hard but we can always make it easy by just starting and starting small.

1. Identify the habit you intend to develop

You can’t just want to develop good habits. Which good habits do you want to develop? You have to be specific on the type of habits you want to develop and know what you will need to do to develop it.

2. Change your mindset

If you believe that the habit is difficult to cultivate and that you can’t keep up with it then you most likely wouldn’t. Change your mindset, embrace positive thoughts concerning the habits. See it as something easy, attractive and satisfying not difficult, unsatisfying and dull.

3. Know the actions to take

You need to know the actions to take that will enable you to develop the habit and the ones not to take. You have to take deliberate action continuously so you can master the habit. The most practical way to change who you are is to change what you do. Action delivers outcome.

4. Start small

Don’t just jump to the finish line without taking the necessary steps to get to it. Start small, take baby steps, make the habits easy for you.

If you want to develop a reading habit and for someone that doesn’t even like opening a book to read but then you hope to read 150 pages a day or read a book everyday it’s going to be a difficult thing for you to do because you already find just opening the book tasking. One of the first thing to do is make it obvious, by keeping the book where you can see it. The next thing to do will be to actually open the book, after that it could be to start with at least 10 pages which is you making it easy and when you make it easy you’ll eventually like it and find it attractive and satisfying. By the time you start and continue small then you’ll gradually progress to reading more pages each day.

Changes that seem small and unimportant at first will compound into remarkable results if you are willing to stick to them.

5. Build a routine

You need to make your habit a routine by constantly taking actions daily. A lot of people have morning and evening routines and these are habits that they’ve developed over time that it has become a routine or daily ritual that they can’t do without because they are already committed to it. So you don’t just have to be consistent, you have to be committed. The key to start a new habit or cultivate one is repetition not perfection.

6. Know what’s holding you back

Eliminate every negative thoughts and every obstacle that you know will stand in your way of cultivating the habit. If you are trying to quit smoking don’t hang around your friends that smokes. Know your triggers and stay away from them. If you are trying to cultivate a new habit stay away from distractions that won’t make you achieve them. If you want to try out meditating you should stay away from noise because you know it will distract you. Know what’s holding you back and avoid or eliminate it.

7. Show up

Show up, don’t do one day on and three days off. The more you show up the more you develop the habit, the less you show up the more difficult it is to develop the habit. Learn to show up daily, you might not even get a lot done but just show up. Doing this repeatedly gives you the confidence that you can do it but if you don’t show up you’ll most likely start thinking you are not good enough and can’t get things done so it’s important you show up daily and do something no matter how small.

8. Visualization and affirmations

Your habits shape your identity and your identity shapes your habits. Visualize your new identity with that habit you are trying to develop. If you are trying to stop drinking and want to become sober see yourself as one first and tell yourself that you are one by saying affirmations. You can’t be what you can’t see, you are what you imagine. Imagine yourself as who you want to be and see yourself doing it and also affirm that you are that thing.

9. Accountability partner

Have an accountability partner or someone who can encourage you to become the person you want to become and also help you develop the habits you want to develop. Accountability partners are very helpful and really needed if you are trying to make or break a habit. When you surround yourself with people who have the habits you want to have, you’ll rise together.

10. Focus on what you are getting not what you are giving up.

Most times when you want to get something you have to give up another. If you are trying to quit drinking for example, focus on the fact that you are going to be sober, the benefits and how it makes you a better person and don’t focus on what you stand to miss like Friday nights with the guys and the other things that might not be beneficial to you. Focus on the reward and not the loss. That said, have a reward system. What are you going to give yourself for a job well done, how will you pay yourself? It should be something that you really want and excited to have so that way you won’t feel like you are loosing anything but actually getting something.

That’s it on how to develop good habits. What habits will you love to develop and what bad habit will you love to eliminate?

Let me know in the comments section below, don’t forget to like, follow, comment and share if you find it helpful.

Have a great week 🤗


84 replies on “10 Simple, Strategic Things You Should Do To Build Good Habits That Sticks”

Great post! I completely agree with your list. I’ve cultivated a habit of exercising 6 days a week, which was hard at the beginning but now it’s just a thing I do. It’s important to do a little every day – consistency is key.

All the best, Michelle (

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I want to read more self-help books this year, by more I mean two books per month. I’m actually about to finish one and I’ve already ordered another one. I’m so excited!!

Bad habit I want to break is using my phone in bed.

Loved how detailed the article is by the way. It pushes overwhelm about building new habits out the window.

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It’s a good thing that you want to read more self help books this year. I’m currently on my second book. I’m hoping to read 3/4 a month.

Lol, I always use my phone on my bed and hardly ever leave the room but I don’t see it as a bad habit because I tend to get distracted.

Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. 🤗

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Some great advice here! I especially like the point about starting small! I’m guilty of trying to make radical changes all at once and then being disheartened when I fail! Gotta remember to start small and that baby steps will still get you where you want to go! xx

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I’m going to use these to get back into working out on a regular basis. I quit while moving and it’s crazy how fast you forget to get back into your routine.

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These are fantastic tips. Starting a new habit doesn’t have to be hard if you put in a bit of work. I like the point of starting small as that will help build up that habit and make it more manageable at the beginning. Having an accountability partner is also crucial if you want to succeed as they can give you that extra push and motivation when you are feeling like you want to give up.

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Great post! I started working on habits and routines this year, and so far i’m doing good! Skipped a few days because of my mental health, but over it’s great!

“Focus on what you are getting not what you are giving up” that point just helped me be even more motivated!

And yes starting small definitely help. One of the habits i wanted to pick up for this year was reading more. So instead of starting with 250 pages a day, i just started with two and gonne work from there.

Thank you for sharing these! i hope you have a great day 🙂

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It’s good to know that you’re doing well with your habits. That’s wonderful.

I’m glad you found it motivating 🤗

It’s a good thing you broke down the pages of the book into smaller portions instead of starting with 250 pages a day at once with time you will grow to meet the target

Thank you for reading, I appreciate the comment. Have a great day as well. 🤗


Starting small and building up routine is a massive help.

The problem people experience with new year resolutions for example is they suddenly decide to do the habit 5 days a week for two hours and burn out in weeks.

Sometimes doing 10 minutes 3 days a week and building up is more effective!

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This is such a great post full of usefuls tips! Starting small is so important and even recognising yourself that you’re doing progress! It takes some time, but is so satisfying when you make it a habit. Thanks for sharing x

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Thank you so much for the amazing post. It was very insigjtful especially number 8. I’m definetly going to try using more affirmations.
The habit I would like to stop for 2021 is overthinking and not trusting myself with my blogging. I really wanna work on that

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Great read! I especially agree with starting small, & that’s something I’ve begun implicating in my own life. I tend to dream big so baby steps are difficult for me, as I’m always eager to rush to fill the shoes of my dream, so it’s been testing for me. Thank you for this article! ♡

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I’m glad you found it useful. It’s okay to start small, you’re still going to get to your destination and achieve your dreams. Take it one step at a time.

Thanks for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Have a great day 🤗


I love this list. What’s crazy is that people are already doing a lot of these things for negative habits in their life. They are happy to wallow in their unhappiness but unwilling to take any action to change things.

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Forming something into a habit is one of the best ways to make something stick! I love your step-by-step suggestions to help make something part of our lifestyle, especially your words on starting small and focusing on what we are getting, not giving up. 🙂

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