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How to deal with feeling lonely on Valentine’s day

Hey loves, today’s post is all about how to deal with feeling lonely on Valentine’s day. So Valentine’s day is in four days and while some people are looking forward to the day others are dreading it. So this post is going to cover how to be happy being single on Valentine’s day and also how to cope if you are feeling sad on Valentine’s day.

How to deal with being single and sad on Valentine’s day

1. Change your mindset towards being single

Your mindset is everything. I know it’s still going to be hard with seeing all the lovey-dovey things on Valentine’s day even if you are in a good headspace about being single but at least it will be better for you. On the other hand, if someone sees being single as a crime and that no one loves them and they are not cool enough without a partner and blah blah blah it’s going to be hard for the person to see other people in love on that day.

So you need to change your view on being single. Don’t see it as a bad thing but instead see it as a good thing. Write out the things you are grateful for while being single, the things you have been able to accomplish as a single person.

Check out this helpful post that will assist you in changing your mindset about being single.

Why being single is better than being in the wrong relationship

2. Love your singleness

Once you’ve changed your mindset, you will begin to see being single as something you are okay with and stop wanting to move from one relationship to another. Love your singleness, take this time to grow as a person, to build and invest in yourself, to love and better yourself, and constantly improve on yourself so you can attract the type of person you want.

Here’s a post that will help you love your singleness

How to enjoy being single

A happy woman in a sunflower garden with bubbles

3. Be happy with yourself and love yourself

Don’t be that person that is constantly looking for happiness in a man. The person could make you happy but they shouldn’t be the only reason why you are happy. Find your happiness within, do what you love and whatever makes you happy.

How to love yourself completely

4. Don’t dwell on your loneliness or feel sorry for yourself

Don’t throw a pity party for yourself. Don’t sit and sulk about how you are always lonely or feel sorry for yourself that you are not good enough and no one loves you or how you don’t have a partner to spoil you this Valentine while others are being cozy with their partner. Don’t dwell on that, it will only ruin your mood further. Instead, find something to do or be grateful for or you can also do for yourself what you will want a partner to do for you.

6 ways to treat and pamper yourself this Valentine

5. Avoid love triggers

If you know your heart cannot take seeing all the relationship goals and couples that day by all means avoid them. Don’t go checking out the hashtag trending on love and Valentine’s day on your social media. Avoid your social media or movies about love and romance. Don’t add salt to your injury. Don’t hurt yourself by going to view what that person’s boo got for his bae.

6. Spend time with those you love

A romantic partner is not the only person you can show love to or that can show you love on that day. Spend time with your family and friends. Spend time with people in your community or church and do something for each other. You can feel and spread love to others, you don’t have to be involved with them romantically.

Two girlfriends sitting down with a bottle of drink in their hands

7. Be patient

Don’t rush things. Good things take time. Keep on working on yourself and being the best version of yourself. Someone is going to love you like you want one day. Someone will treat you like a queen and be your dream. You just have to be patient and trust the process. Good things come to those who wait and work so sure you’ll get everything you want if you believe you can have it and take the right steps towards getting it.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the post. Let me know the ways you’ve coped with feeling lonely on Valentine’s day and the things you did. For me, I didn’t pay attention to Valentine’s day in previous years or felt lonely about being single on Valentine’s day but this year is quite different since I’ve been exposed to a lot of Valentine’s day content so I just wrote this post as a subtle reminder for myself and others to not feel overwhelmed by Valentine’s day or sad that there’s no one to spend it with.

If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like, follow and share it with someone it will be of great help too. Sharing is caring and it will help the person get over feeling sad on that day. Don’t forget to share how you’ve been able to cope and overcome feeling lonely on Valentine’s day. Have a great day 🤗

63 replies on “How to deal with feeling lonely on Valentine’s day”

Being in a relationship does not change the quality of life, it can add value but it doesn’t change the person that we are and how we feel about ourselves.
Being single or in a relationship are also different phases of life and each have their own advantages, the key is to enjoy each one you are in:)

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These are great tips. All I would add is that Valentine’s day should be treated as a celebration of love, so you could technically celebrate it with anyone who you are on good terms with, not just a partner.

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I love that you changed the narrative on Valentine’s Day, it’s so easy for people to get sad and feel lonely, but changing how you think about it can make all the difference.

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Not that I don’t love my boyfriend, but my single years (especially when I was at Uni) were some of the happiest years of my life! I loved myself in a way I hadn’t before and I was truly looking after myself! Love these tips!

Katie |

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Valentine’s is that time of year when everyone and their aunt is pouring out happy ways to spend the day with your significant other. I do not mind the flooding, but I do appreciate writing like this that acknowledges people like me who will be celebrating love in general with ourselves. 🙂

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Practicing self-love is such an empowering thought that always keeps you in high spirits. Spending time with your loved ones is another great idea.

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