Affirmations For When You Have A Bad Day

Hey loves, how have you been? I have been feeling stressed and overwhelmed for a while now and with everything that is going on I often feel like I cannot handle it and these affirmations have been helpful. so if you have been feeling down lately and going through a hardtime check out these affirmations to help you overcome them and feel better.

15 Affirmations For When You Are Feeling Down

  1. I can get through anything life throws at me.
  2. Hard times do not get the best of me.
  3. I am at peace with all that has happened, is happening and will happen.
  4. I am getting stronger every day.
  5. I am full of energy and overflowing joy.
  6. Though these times are difficult, it is only for a short while.
  7. I release all negative emotions from the day.
  8. All my anger is replaced with love.
  9. I have the strength and courage to get through any situation.
  10. I am doing the best I can and release myself from guilt and shame.
  11. I exude strength, love and happiness.
  12. Every failure brings me closer to my goals.
  13. Today, I choose joy and peace.
  14. I release the need to dwell on bad feelings.
  15. I have faith that things will work out all day.

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46 replies on “Affirmations For When You Have A Bad Day”

It’s so important for us not to be hard on ourselves and release all form of negativity and know we are doing some things right even though some don’t work out.
Thanks 😊, I’m glad you like them 🤗

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I have had a couple of rough days lately trying to figure out what I need to do to get where I need to go, so these affirmations found me, as most affirmations do, at the perfect time. Thanks for sharing some great ways to reassure and reintroduce some positivity to my life. 🙂

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