Hey loves, this is the first topic in the single series and I’m so excited about it. Have you ever asked yourself why you are single? Why everyone seems to be in a relationship but you’re still all by yourself? I know I have and it has made me realize some things about myself. You may have various reasons for being single some you may be aware of while some you may be blinded to it. Stick around to find out why you are still single and which one of the category you fall under.

CIRCUMSTANCE: you are not single by choice but you just find yourself single. This may be due to your environment. Maybe you are in an environment where there aren’t really male folks or you don’t have the time to be in one. You are probably busy, leave home early, come back late. You recently got divorced or ended a relationship. Circumstances can range from a whole lot of things.

YOU ARE SCARED: Yup, you read right. You are scared, scared of commitment, scared of getting your heartbroken, scared of loosing someone you love, scared of loosing yourself to someone, scared of loving someone. Your fear is pulling you farther away from a prospective partner because you are projecting that fear. It also makes you unwilling to be in a relationship because you fear that it won’t work out. I’m not going to lie, I had this fear too, that someone would break my heart and I wouldn’t be able to pick up the pieces so I’ve been in this category.

UNREQUITED LOVE: I know this sucks, I mean you love someone or you’re interested in someone and the person has no interest in you whatsoever. Your feelings aren’t even reciprocated so you are single because your feelings aren’t reciprocated. Who else has been in the situation whereby you like someone and the person doesn’t like you but then someone likes you that you are not even interested in. Damn the cycle of unrequited love! I think everyone can relate to this, the whole thing is just frustrating.

HEARTBREAK: you are mending your heart so you have no time or no need for a relationship and you’re taking your time to heal. You probably just got out of a relationship and your heart can’t take anymore at the moment so you decide to take a break and give yourself time to buckle up and prepare for the next one. By the way check out how to get over him

YOU JUST GOT OUT OF A RELATIONSHIP: you just packed your luggage from the relationship you just got out from, this could be because you got tired of the relationship, wanted something better, fell out of love, got cheated on, you had a toxic relationship or you just weren’t feeling the love from the person anymore.

YOU ARE NOT READY: you are single because you are not ready for a relationship emotionally, mentally and you are not ready to deal with some particular situations so you are deciding to be on your own till you get a hold on yourself.

YOU’VE NOT FOUND THE RIGHT PERSON: you haven’t found the person that has the same values as you, someone that makes you feel happy and all giddy. You just haven’t found the person that you’d like to be with that has the same goals has you or wants the same thing as you in a relationship or you just haven’t met someone that meets your standards

YOU WANT TO BE: you don’t fancy being in a relationship and just like being by yourself and don’t want to be “stuck” in a relationship and value your time by yourself. You could also just want to be single because of some goals you’ve set for yourself or some things you don’t want to do in a relationship.

YOU’RE IN A SITUATIONSHIP: you are stuck in a situationship with someone and it’s not moving forward, you’re not in a relationship with them yet so you are still single even if you don’t want to be or you are in a friend with benefits situation. Whatever situation you are stuck in whether you want to be stuck in them or not makes you still single.

THE OTHER PERSON ISN’T READY: so you’ve found someone and you’re more than ready to be with the person but the person isn’t ready yet so the relationship is on a hold and this makes you single.

YOU ARE NOT APPROACHABLE: you’re still single because you’re not approachable. You might not even realize it, you probably appear too intimidating and people don’t want to approach you for fear of being shunned or you make yourself too unattainable.

YOUR ATTITUDE: your attitude is probably keeping people away and that’s why you are single. You tend to push people away with your attitude and there by not having people stick with you for long.

YOU ARE A PERFECTIONIST: you are striving for perfection in your relationship hence nothing fits for you and nothing will ever fit because you want something that can’t happen. Your idea of a perfect relationship doesn’t make you stay in a relationship because no one is perfect enough for you.

YOU ARE BUSY: You are too busy to date, you don’t have time for relationship hence your being single. You prioritize other things above being in a relationship and your work or some other thing is taking your time so you don’t have enough time to pay attention to someone else.

YOU’RE WORKING ON YOURSELF: you’re using your single time to take care of yourself and treat yourself how you want to be treated. You’re taking time to invest in yourself and work towards your goals and aspirations.

YOU MADE A VOW OF CHASTITY: you took a vow of chastity and you are on the journey of abstinence. You are single because you don’t want to involve yourself in any sexual related thing so you’re choosing to be single until you are ready for marriage.

YOU ARE INDEPENDENT: you just want to be single and believe you don’t need a man for anything so you just go about doing things for yourself and by yourself because you don’t need anyone else.

YOU HAVE INSECURITIES: your insecurities are stopping you from being in a relationship, you don’t seem to think you are good enough so others see you like that and you also let your insecurities stop you from being with a person. Even when you are with someone your insecurities get the best of you.

YOU ARE EGOCENTRIC: you don’t know how to put others first. You only think of yourself and your pride is getting in the way of you being in a relationship. You see every other person to be below you so you don’t even pay attention to them or their advances.

Whatever reason why you are single you can still be in a relationship, just work on things you know you need to work on and be willing for a relationship. You will surely attract the right person

Let me know what you think of the post and comment below on reasons why you are single or choose to be single. Also, like and follow for updates so you won’t miss any update in the series.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day πŸ˜€



I related to a lot of these – some without even realising! I think the main reason I am single is because I want my attention to be 100% focused on uni for now and also to give myself time to work on myself. Great post x

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This is Amazing.. Don’t let others suffer for whatever happened in your last relationship and change your view on such gender…. Not all men are scum and not all women are gold diggers..


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